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Device to Device communications happens in four stages

Every device has a proprietary protocol and one of the major challenges with developing a IoT application is realizing the seamless communication between machines.

Data collection




Analysis of data


Actionable event


Data is often collected from reliable and secure technology which may include Ethernet, Bluetooth, RFID, WiFi, Zigbee or GSM based connections. These data transmission platforms are chosen based on the particular applications and data transmission range of devices.

IOT Platform

A IOT solution is built on different layers. Sensors being part of hardware layer which usually communicates through a network layer to get processed in gateway and then pushed to cloud for information processing. Predefined Cloud API allows  smart devices to render data to the end user.

Device Communication

The end connected device Communicate through Technologies such as  RFiD, NFC, Wi-Fi, BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy), XBee, Zigbee, Wireless M-Bus, amongst others. Not all of IoT things are directly connected to the Internet.  Sensors are connected to gateway either in one to one or in mesh format.

IOT Gateway

Intelligent gateways perform a vital role in the Internet of Things (IoT) by collecting sensor data at the network edge, then acting as a filter to analyze and normalize the data for sharing through the network and into the cloud.

IOT Cloud

The data captured and processed in IOT gateway is then pushed to cloud using REST API (XML or JSON Data) or any other suitable API.

APPS – Date Presentation

Consumer or Enterprise Application is designed for presenting the data to the end user or automatic responses systems , IOT apps consumes the cloud open API to securely connect to the database and access and format data for monitoring and alerting.

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