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Our IoT services

Mobile Carrier and communications recommendation

IoT consulting and solution road mapping

Re-engineering & Software Migration

Choosing Right hardware required for your business

Redesigning Existing hardware to enable wireless connect

Developing APIs for your external system integration

Providing Analytic on Big Data

Building External application around connected device

Customizing solutions according to business requirement

Enhancing the existing solutions

Providing Cloud and Deployment service

Technical Support and AMC service

Turnkey IoT Development Solutions

POC development on your solution ideas

Resource allocation and deployment

Embedded System Design & Manufacturing

Procurement & Solution Production support

Costume Gateway Development

Solution feasibility and assessment

IoT testing and data simulation

 We can help you turn raw sensor data into useful information for business insights and better decision making. We make it easy to integrate sensor data to your systems so you can optimize your processes with accurate real-time data. We provide a cloud platform and application services to help you develop new innovative connected IoT product and service offerings.

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