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Solution Overview

GetSenso solution for monitoring CUI for OIL and Gas companies

WSN CUI offers low cost monitoring of CUI using sensors over a large network of insulated pipes. Accessing crucial parts between bends or complex pipes structure may not be possible using conventional methods. Wireless sensor network provides a better solution under such situation.

GetSenso CUI device

GetSenso CUI monitoring devices can be used to monitor the activity of CUI within the pipe from multiple points and transmit them wirelessly. The devices have a built-in battery, so there is no need for any special wiring. And, being small and compact the devices can be placed in a thermos box, fixed to a pipe where CUI is monitored, with built-in GPS you can monitor the CUI and location at the same time.

GetSenso Network

GetSenso CUI monitoring devices transmit the collected CUI data using a mesh ZigBee network. The network then converts the data in to Wi-Fi data so that it can be converted to Wi-Fi signal to store it in the cloud.

GetSenso Application

With GetSenso CUI application, monitor the CUI and location of the device from your desktop computer or using a mobile. Using GetSenso cloud application, log and monitor you CUI in real time.

CUI GetSenso

Application Provides

Advantages of using GetSenso Sensor Nodes

The GetSenso tracker are battery powered wireless devices with built in GPS and GSM modem GetSenso assets trackers is complete solution with hardware and software integration

The GetSenso Application can send an automated Email alert when the greenhouse parameter threshold is reached. With simple configurable alert settings, set your own threshold and alerts.

Unlike other wired sensors that restrict you from moving and requires a constant power source, the GetSenso wireless sensors are truly wireless sensors; they offer complete mobility.

GSM, GPS Consumes low power during transmission and reading the temperature with constant usage the output the battery can last for months.

GetSenso application is a web-based application that displays all the sensor information in a simple dashboard. GetSenso sensor application provides you with a simplified way to set up and manage alerts. You can view historical CUI data if desired and even set alerts to be sent over email.

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