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There are several application domains which will be impacted by the emerging Internet of Things. The applications can be classified based on the type of network availability, coverage, scale, heterogeneity, repeatability, user involvement and impact.

We refer to the ‘Network of Things’ within a work environment as an enterprise based application. Information collected from such networks are used only by the owners and the data may be released selectively. Enterprise recourse monitoring is the first common application which is implemented to keep track of the number of occupants and manage the utilities within the enterprise.

Sensors have always been an integral part of the organization setup for security, automation, climate control, etc. This will eventually be replaced by a wireless system giving the flexibility to make changes to the setup whenever required.

Here are some interesting usecase and our solution forecast

When large number of packages are shipped overseas it is important to keep a track of devices, there are possibilities that the goods might be left over or misplaced during transit to ensure safely constant monitoring and tracking of package until its destination is reached.

CUI is a form of localized corrosion and is been recognized as a corrosion problem and costing oil and gas, food processing, petro chemical industries thousands of dollars to inspect, repair and replace the corroded pipes.

Liquid is an essential element in Industrial applications. Application for flow rate meter is very diverse; consider these examples: water flow through an open channel, hydraulic valve leakage, or fuel measurement through a fuel injector and it is important to monitor the right flow rate at all times.

Environmental conditions and efficient use of water and other resources are necessary for optimum plant growth, improved crop yields in the green houses.  Farmers frequently checks on the climatic conditions environment with in the green house and manually adjusting it accordingly by actuating water pumps and motors.

In power hungry industry it is important to monitor the power consumption’s of smaller plants regularly. Smaller plants run on electromechanical machines which consumes a large amount of energy during run time. With proper monitoring of the power we can determine the health of the machines in the plant.

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