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Beacons in practice

Imagine you’re shopping at a department store. The moment you walk into the store a notification is sent to your phone informing you of the available brands on your favorites list. Even better than that, another notification pushes you live data to you to let you know the styles that are available in your size. It will also tell you where exactly you can locate your those inventories in the store thus saving your valuable time.

Beacons bridge the gap between online and offline retail shopping feeding your data to retailers and vice-versa to create better ways of shopping.

Beacons provide some really interesting uses for event organizers and transit systems. They’d have great use at:

  • Sports Stadiums: to move people throughout the grounds to the shortest lines for bathrooms and bars.
  • Airports: to send gate information and flight updates straight to you while you’re killing time reading magazines.
  • Art galleries: to can send artist information and price details on the very work you’re perusing.
  • Shopping: to Broadcast offers to customers within the defined proximity range.
  • In Organizations: To publish notifications to the employees on event, holidays or any special events.
  • In Expos : To broadcast your product information to the customers visiting hence minimizing actual print materials and handouts(Micro Location & User Tagging.
  • In Public Transports : Used for government communications and information broadcast and also for general advertising.
  • In Restaurants :  To publish Menu list to the customers and also broadcast offers.
  • In parks : To broadcast Health Tips , Yoga practices and other related information.

The opportunities for this local, real-time targeting technology is endless.

Smartphone Users are ready for Beacon Marketing

Which Mobile app features do they most want to use in-store?

Push Notifications about Sales/Promotions 80%
More Tools for Price Comparisons Accessing List & Style Guide 78%
Content that is Relevant to Interest & Locations 62%
Loyalty Program Integration 58%
Ability to Pay with Mobile Phones 39%

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Any radio technology can be used to identify and locate a device, but the most  relevant technologies from mobile beacon perspective are wifi, Bluetooth and RFID.
The Beacon technology is powered by Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), which is also known as Bluetooth Smart This means that the beacons can send out signals to any Bluetooth enabled device that can pick up the Bluetooth Low Energy signals, as long as they are in close proximity to the beacons. Some of the compatible beacons platforms are:

1) iOS devices with Bluetooth 4.0

2) Android devices with Android 4.3 or later and Bluetooth 4.0

3) Mac computers with Bluetooth 4.0 and OS X Mavericks – 10.9

The greatest advantage of BLE beacons is their ability to transmit accurate and specific micro-location data. This gives it an edge over Wi-Fi and GPS, as they are not precise with location data, especially when it happens to be indoors.
Each beacon will be given a unique identification number. Beacons indicate their presence so that enabled device can locate them. When the user’s device enter the beacon area all installed apps subscribing to this unique identifier are notified.

Beacon Range

The Beacon signal strength range depends on hardware of beacon, its antenna design and power of the signal in particular.

Most of the beacons technically range from 70 meters , although in real world due to wireless interference, signal absorption into consideration one can expect the range about 40 to 50 mts in reality.However the reach can be still programmed within this mentioned range.


Beacon App – BeaconSenso



Smart devices needs a custom app to broadcast their predefined data to the smart device.We have a skilled team of developers who make use of the latest in market technologies to provide you with robust solutions, which are aimed at enhancing customer experience and value.We provide responsive mobile app that works on Android or Apple platform. We build custom native/ hybrid app to suit to your business requirement as we understand each business is unique and needs unique solutions to manage it right.


Sensors and devices all around us are being transformed into “Interconnected Smart Devices.” All these devices need to communicate to cloud servers for data processing. For devices installed at remote and mission critical area, a stable and reliable communication layer between the end device and the central server is a must.

Architecture for Beacons

APPApp that leverages beacon proximity
Beacons SDKBeacon API layer and cloud specific API
Beacons Api & ServiceService API for Beacon polling and passing events to registered apps
Bluetooth StackBluetooth Device Driver for controlling interacting with Bluetooth radio
Operating SystemOperating system provides I/O for firmware and Bluetooth radio
DeviceA device that supports radio hardware BLE

Beacon – Technical Approach

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