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GetSenso a product initiative of Sidhma Innovations Pvt Ltd. GetSenso was born with a clear mission of “helping product companies make optimal use of complex data collected from connected devices”

GetSenso’s mission is to help our customers reach long-range sustainability goals within their budget and increasing their efficiency. With our best-in-class IoT solution and analytics platform, we provide smart connected device solutions for Industrial, Agricultural, Commercial and noncommercial applications, minimizing customers business costs while improving the comfort of connected infrastructure and the efficiency of the business process.

Many of the world’s fastest-growing companies choose Sidhma to deliver advanced IoT and beacon application, mobile apps and software solutions that add value to business. At Sidhma , we partner with you to learn your business model and process to provide most acceptable and adaptable business and application solutions.

We partner and develop with various hardware device and sensor manufacturers to design, integrate and collaborate solutions to your need.Smart Sensors needs smarter applications. With the growing reach of handheld and smart devices around the world, businesses are cashing on apps and solutions that are bound to make everyone connected and integrated.

We strongly believe that technology can bring about a change in our lives and we are always enthusiastic about the positive impact it can have on the real world business.

We are a young, creative and passionate TEAM !!! To know more about us get in touch Today.


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